Sept. 28, 2021

Prologue - Episode 5 - No Time To Rest

Prologue - Episode 5 - No Time To Rest

After being trapped in the testing site for months a select few healthy soldiers find a way to escape and go on the search for Dr. Vanessa Walters.  They know that if anyone can figure out how to stop Tempestas, it's her.  They journey across country is not an easy one, especially when they run in to something that defies all logic.


Don't Go In There - Megan Mcduffee

Alone & Peace - Reverence

Dark Cinematic Action - Serge Pavkin Music
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Door opens and closes

Capt. Scott:  Sir

Gen. Caldwell:  Scott.  Mission report.

Capt. Scott:  As you know we were able to learn the amount of vehicles we have available.  We were able to gather the requested items from the armory.  I left them in the motor pool with the 3 remaining soldiers as guards.  We lost two soldiers on the way to the armory due lightning strikes that seemed to be targeting us and Private Brown was injured earlier in the mission due to the same thing.  I’m going to go visit him later.

Gen. Caldwell:  Actually, the Private died.  When they brought him, his injuries were too severe.  There was nothing that could have been done.


Capt. Scott:  Now that we know what we have, what are we going to do about those who are too injured to move?

Gen. Caldwell:  They’ll have to remain here until we can comeback.

Capt. Scott:  I thought it was too dangerous to remain here.

Gen. Caldwell:  The scientists in DC believe we have seen the worst of the eruption.  it should be okay for them to remain here for now.

Capt. Scott:  They’re not going to like that.

Gen. Caldwell:  I am aware, but this is the best decision not only for them but for us as well.  Out there we are going to have to worry about them each time a situation occurs that would require us to think and act quickly.  Like random lightning strikes.  Here they at least have shelter from those elements, food to last over a year and all the medical supplies needed for their care.

Capt. Scott:  Oh, I get it.  They’re still not going to like it.

Gen Caldwell:  They don’t have to.  In any case I am going to explain to them now.  You head to the motor pool and prepare to move out.

Capt. Scott:  Yes, sir.

Door opens and closes

Gen. Caldwell:  Everyone gather around.  We are about to embark on a treacherous mission.  Probably one of the most dangerous any of you have ever faced, because now we are not facing an enemy on foreign soil but nature itself.  I know it has been difficult these past four months but as long as we stay together and you follow all my orders we’ll make it through this.  Let’s move out.

Vehicles start up and drive off

Radio clicks on, static.

Capt. Scott:  There are a lot of abandoned vehicles on the road.  Take it easy, we don’t want to lose any one or any vehicles.


Capt. Scott:  It looks like everyone was able to get out of the area.  Although most had to leave the vehicles behind.


Sgt. Miller:  What the hell?

Vehicles come to a stop

Over radio

Gen. Caldwell:  What is going on up there?

Capt. Scott:  There’s a car blocking the path.  We’re going to move it.

Humvee doors open and close.

Guns cock

To people in back of MTVR

Gen.  Caldwell:  Fan out and provide cover.

Capt. Scott:  Watch my back.  I’m going to put the car in neutral.

Car door opens.  Gears change.

Capt. Scott:  All right.  Let’s go, push.

Grunting and breathing heavy

Capt. Scott:  That should be good.

Vandal 1:  Ahhhhhh!!!!!  *War cry*

Sgt. Miller:  On your 6!

Automatic rifle fire

Capt. Scott:  Nine o’ clock!

Gen. Caldwell:  Everyone out!  Fan out!

Doors open and running

Automatic rifle fire

Capt. Scott:  They’re coming out of the cars!

Automatic rifle fire, slows down and ceases

Gen. Caldwell:  Buddy up!  Clear each car in a thirty foot radius!

Soldiers walking clearing each car.

Soldier:  Clear!

Sgt Miller:  Clear!

Capt. Scott:  Clear!

Gen. Caldwell:  Load up!  

Capt. Scott:  It’s weird not hearing any signs of wildlife.  Just complete silence.  They know something isn’t right, so they go into hiding.  Unlike humans.  How many desperate groups have we had to fight off so far.  They’ve lost all sense of rational thinking, it seems to be everyone for them selves now.  How has it been since we left?  I’ve lost track but it has to be at least 6 - 8 weeks.  This is definitely taking a toll on our time schedule and us.

Gen. Caldwell:  It is, but it doesn’t change anything.  We’ll fight off as many as needed to accomplish this mission.


Gen. Caldwell:  That’s enough rest.  Wake everyone up, we need to keep moving.

Capt. Scott:  Yes sir.  Sgt.

Sgt. Miller:  Sir.

Capt. Scott:  Gather everyone.  We’re moving out.

Sgt. Miller:  Sir.


Gen. Caldwell:  Are we all accounted for?  Let’s head out.

Vehicles start up and drive off

Over radio

Gen. Caldwell:  There should be a gas station up ahead about 20 miles.  We’ll head there to see about gathering supplies.

Sgt. Miller:  That might as well be on the other side of the world.

Capt. Scott:  We’ll get there.  Just keep driving.

Sgt. Miller:  Considering what we’ve been going through do you think everyone back at the base is doing okay?

Capt. Scott:  I don’t know.  But considering what we’ve been through what I can say is that they were better off staying.  Our travels have taken a toll on our bodies.  Could you imagine having a full convoy of sick and injured.  They wouldn’t have made it.


Capt. Scott:  Is there someone back there you’re worried about?

Sgt. Miller:  Yes.

Capt. Scott:  Then let’s make sure you make it back.

Static over radio

Watchtower:  If you are…do not go…I repeat…is infested with…joke vampires…

Sgt. Miller:  Did he just say vampires?

Capt. Scott:  Now I know this whole situation has brought out the crazies.

Over the radio

Capt. Scott:  Gen. Caldwell did you hear any of that?

Gen. Caldwell:  I did.  It was the same guy from a few months back.  Now I know it’s just some conspiracy theorists nut job.

Capt. Scott:  Sir I think I see the station about 3 mile ahead.

Gen. Caldwell:  Everyone weapons check.  As soon as we stop I want a perimeter sweep.  Sgt. take a team through the shop area.  

Capt. Scott:  Understood.

Vehicles pick up speed

Come to abrupt

Doors open, boots hit the ground and teams scramble

Capt. Scott:  I’ve got blood over there.  A lot of blood.  It’s in the back too.  Far too much for one body, there was a fight here.

Sgt. Miller:  I’ve got bodies in here.  A lot dead and 2 females alive, but uh one of them is drinking the blood of the other.

Gen. Caldwell:  Say again Sgt.

Sgt. Miller:  This woman literally has her teeth sunk into this girls neck and is drinking her.

Capt. Scott:  Miller I’m coming to you.

Sgt. Miller:  Heeeey.  How bout we put the little girl down and we go outside to talk.

Girls body thuds onto ground

Sgt. Miller:  Good.  Specialist see if you can provide first aid for that wound.

Loud shriek from woman

Sgt. Miller:  Okay.  Okay.  Just calm down.

Loud crash as woman jumps up through ceiling

Capt. Scott:  Miller, what’s going on?!

Sgt. Miller:  She just jumped through the ceiling.

Capt. Scott:  What?!

Sgt. Miller:  The woman jumped.  Through.  The.  Ceiling.

Specialist:  Sarge the girl is dead.

Capt. Scott:  Right.  Let’s head outside and find her.

Door opens

Capt. Scott:  Check the roof!

Gen. Caldwell:  Come down now!

Capt. Scott:  What are they doing up there?

Sgt. Miller:  Sir.  That is the woman that killed the girl.  They must be responsible for all the other bodies in there.

Gen. Caldwell:  Come down now with your hands raised or you will be shot!

Sgt.  Miller:  Do you expect them to…Holy shit they jumped.  That was at least 40 feet.

Gen. Caldwell:  Good now get down on your knees!

Capt. Scott:  They look like they’re about to charge, sir.

Gen. Caldwell:  Get down know!

Loud shrieks from 10 different creatures

Gen. Caldwell:  Open fire!

Automatic rifle fire.

Sgt. Miller:  They’re not going down!

Capt. Scott:  Keep shooting!

Sgt. Miller:  Specialist behind you!  Noooo!

Running.  Hitting with butt of rifle.

Sgt. Miller:  I’ve got one down, bite wound to the neck!  Stay with me!

Capt. Scott:  They just keep coming!  

Gen. Caldwell:  Everyone fall back to the vehicles!  We’re leaving!

Loud shriek bite down into Caldwell

Capt. Scott:  General!!!

3 round burst fire

Body hits dirt.  Dragged through dirt to humvee.

Capt. Scott:  Stay with me sir.  

Door closes

Capt. Scott:  Let’s go!  Drive!  Drive!  Drive!

Tires burnout and drive off fast

Sgt. Miller:  They’re chasing us!

Capt. Scott:  Just keep the pedal on the floor!  Sir, are you okay!

Gen. Caldwell:  I think I’ll be fine.  She missed the artery. 

Sgt. Miller:  What the hell was that!?

Capt. Scott:  I wish I knew.