Sept. 28, 2021

Prologue - Episode 3 - Blast Zone

Prologue - Episode 3 - Blast Zone

Right in the thick of things is reporter Tanya and her camera man Luther.  Reporting on the weird happenings at Yellowstone National Park, but instead of being her usual tenacious self Tanya rushes through her segment and wants leave immediately.  This baffles Luther but it is also nothing new.


Don't Go In There - Megan McDuffee

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Tanya: Scientists are still unsure as to what is causing this sudden surge deaths among the wildlife here at Yellowstone National Park, but they want everyone to remain calm as they conduct their research. They have informed us that the chance of any serious volcanic activity is still slim, that there is no need for panic and they will be hear monitoring the park for as long as it takes. 

Luther: Ok. I think we good on that.

Tanya: Ok, good. Pack it up we’re on the first flight out of here. 

Luther: Umm. Don’t you want to try and get an interview with one of the scientist or some footage of what they are doing in the tents? 

Tanya: No. I have a bad feeling. I am picking up on some energy that is not right. We need to leave as soon as possible. 

Luther: Oh so more of your psychic magic E.S.P. stuff.
 Luther starts packing up his camera and loading the car. 

Tanya: Call it what you want.

Trunk closes. They get in the car. 

Luther: You know Bill isn’t going to like this. 

Tanya: It’s us I’m worried about right now. 

Luther: Ok. 

Car starts up. Drives off. Airplane sound overhead. Car doors open and close. 

Tanya: Hurry up. We have to get on this plane now! 

Luther: What’s the rush? You know it’s a chartered plane. The pilot won’t leave without us. 

Tanya: I know. Let’s go. (voice fades out) 

Luther: Well ok. 


Luther: I guess we’re in a hurry now. Very convenient how she forgot her bags though. Now she expects me to hurry and carry all these. 

 Tucker: Good morning.

Luther: Good morning. I guess she told you that we are ready to go now. 

Tucker: I was informed. One you’re in we will prepare for lift off. 

Luther: Great. 

Luggage bangs against stairs. 

Luther: Comfortable? Yea, thanks for your help with the bags. 

Tanya: You should have left them. 

Luther: Ok. 

Drops bags. 

Luther: What is going on? The fear in your voice, the rushing around, not getting the full story. All this has me worried. 

Airplane engine roars on. 

Tucker: Buckle in. We are clear to take the runway. 

Tanya: I told you earlier, something is going to happen. The time is getting closer. 

Luther: What?! What is going to happen?!

Tanya: Something we don’t want to be around for. 

Plane accelerates down runway and takes off 

Tanya: And to answer your next question. No. I don’t know what it is. 

Luther: Are you reading my mind? Can you do that?

Tanya: No, but I didn’t need to read your mind. I saw it on your face. 

Loud explosion 

Luther: What the hell was that?!

Tucker: Oh my god! Look out the starboard window!

Luther: What is going on? Where is that giant cloud coming from? 

Tucker: I think Yellowstone just erupted.