Claire Dodin as Dr. Vanessa Walters

David Shew as General Caldwell and Ailwyn

Jonny Unitas as Capt. James Scott (Season 1)

Ryan Bond as Capt. James Scott (Season 2)

Melvin Diaz as Sgt. Eddie Miller

Binja Zihhalirwa as Tanya/Taina (Season 1 and 2 up to episode 5)

Tiffany Witcher as Tanya (Season 2 episode 6 and on)

Reese Barnard as Luther (Season 1)

Lec Zorn as Luther (Season 2 up to episode 5)

Vincent C. Davis as David Rockwell

Sedric Willis as Chris Williams

Erin Suminsby as Isabelle (Izzy) Rockwell

Michelle Lainge as Lena Rockwell and Morgana La Fey

Evie Sage as Arana (Season 1)

Rachel Pulliam as Arana (Season 2 and on)

Keira Comegys-Davis as Mya

Janeane Santos as Dr. Laura Davis

Andrea Richardson as Rose

Jerry Kokich as Santa and Kris Kringle

Lynne McIntee as Katherine Kringle