Dec. 8, 2021

Bonus Episode - Jack

Bonus Episode - Jack

The stage is set and the world is in danger of needing to fight through a third dark age.  Ailwyn is out to visit an old acquaintance to gather powerful artifacts and weapons as a precaution for a fight.  He must keep his guard up since this acquaintance is a legend for his wit.

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Hello everyone!  This is Vincent C. Davis the creator of Out of the Ashes.  I hope you enjoyed listening to Episode 6 as much as I enjoyed creating it.  I am so happy with the outcome and that we finally got to set the stage for the plot of the series.  Now that we’re finally here it fills me with joy to finally be able to release this special episode.  The episode that was meant to be released for the Hallows Day celebration.  If you follow the show on our social media accounts then you know I didn’t want to release episode on Halloween because it had some spoilers.  If you don’t follow on our social media I hope you’ll consider it and join us on twitter at Oashespodcast and on instagram at outoftheashesaudio.  There you’ll see updates on the show, new merchandise, engage with others in our lore and more.  But again since we’re running slightly behind schedule and there was spoilers in this episode, I didn’t want ruin the suspense of the plot for you all .  So finally here we are and that’s enough of me talking let’s get into this special belated Halloween episode.  Thank you for listening.

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Warning:  Out of the Ashes is a Dark Modern Fiction podcast with depictions of Action, Horror and Death.  Listener discretion is advised.

2:05 - 2:41
Intro Theme Song

2:43 - 2:50
Episode Name

2:53 - 2:56
Big door opens

JACK  3:06

I said I didn’t want to be disturbed.

Walking into room

JACK  3:15

I said leave!

AILWYN  3:18

That’s no way to greet an old friend.

JACK  3:21 - 3:31

Who?…Oh.  Ailwyn.  It’s been donkeys years since I’ve seen you.

What do you want?

Footsteps walk in


Mr. Jack, sir.  We heard you yell.  Is everything ok?

JACK  3:37

I’m fine.


Do you need us to get rid of this guy?

JACK  3:42

He shouldn’t have got in at all…Leave us.

Footsteps walk out

AILWYN  3:52

It’s not their fault.  One of the wards on a mirror has been taken 


JACK  3:57

I’ll have to fix that.


How have you been?

JACK  4:02

Stop faffin’.  What do you want?

AILWYN  4:05

Still have quite the temper.  (walking)  Do you mind if I get a pint?

JACK  4:11

Go ahead.

AILWYN  4:13 - 4:23

Thank you…As for why I’m here.  I am looking for the Tuatha De


JACK  4:24

(laugh) Oh so its a deal you came to make?

AILWYN  4:28 - 4:37

No.  No deal.  I know there’s no way I can match wits with you. 

You, who bested Lucifer.  Twice.

JACK  4:38

Well it’s no fun if you don’t even try.

AILWYN  4:42

No.  You’re going to give it to me.

JACK  4:45

And why would I do that?

AILWYN  4:47

Because I can end…


AILWYN  4:51

What was that?



We’re under attack sir.

AILWYN  5:00

So who did you piss off this time?

JACK  5:03

Take your pick.  Let’s go find out.


Rocks being hurled at building

JACK  5:19

Well would you look at that?  It’s the Abhartach.

AILWYN  5:22

I thought the Abhartach died?

JACK  5:25

I thought you knew all Ailwyn.  (chuckle) 

AILWYN  5:34

And what did you do to this one?

JACK   5:37

I may have…”convinced” them to give me a set of keys that 

unlock any door.

AILWYN  5:45

Mmmhmm.  So when you say convinced you mean tricked.

JACK  5:49

You make it sound like a bad thing.

AILWYN  5:52

No the flying boulders make it sound like a bad thing.

Boulder hits building

AILWYN  5:58

I can help you with this.

JACK  6:01

I can handle this.

AILWYN  6:06

I don’t think talking will get you out of this.

Boulder hits building

JACK  6:12

And let me guess.  In return for your help you want to know where

Tuatha De Danann are?

AILWYN  6:18

I think that would be worth my help.

JACK  6:21

Ahh but there are 4 items and this is one problem.

AILWYN  6:26

One big problem.  You may be immortal but you can still feel pain.

Something tells me they’ll make sure you feel a lot of it.


Sir, I’m not sure we can hold them off you should go lock yourself away.

JACK  6:40

Okay, Ailwyn.  Help clear them out and I’ll tell you where the items


AILWYN  6:46

Glad to hear it.

Spell chant.  6:50 - 7:34

AILWYN  7:29

There we go. (smug)

JACK  7:32

You made that look easy.

AILWYN  7:34

Believe me, that spell is far from easy.

JACK  7:39

Well, thank you.

AILWYN  7:41

You’re welcome.

JACK  7:44

Well I guess I owe you something now.


JACK  7:47

If you’ll follow me we can go get them.


JACK  8:00

I guess there’s no way I could talk you out of this.

AILWYN  8:04

These items may be needed for the coming fight, so no.



Doors open

AILWYN  8:25

What is this?! (stunned)

JACK  8:30

My private collection.

AILWYN  8:32

This room is filled with with powerful items.

JACK  8:37

Yes.  You never know when you may need one

AILWYN  8:41

So you didn’t really need my help with Abhartach.

JACK  8:45

No, but you didn’t think I’d just give you the Tuatha De Danann.  

You needed to earn it. 


AILWYN  8:51

Jack.  Is that your turnip?



You kept it.  I never pegged you as a sentimentalist.

JACK  9:01

I keep it as a reminder.

AILWYN  9:04

To remind you to never try and fool the celestials again?

JACK  9:08

No…As a reminder that they can be beaten.  Look around…I’ve

been gathering all of this just in case.

AILWYN  9:17

In case of what?

JACK  9:19

In case they come for me.


AILWYN  9:22

Okay.  Let’s go get what I’m here for.

JACK  9:32

It’s this way.



Here they are.

AILWYN  9:34

Magnificent. (to yourself in awe) Remove the trap please. (to Jack)

JACK  9:42

(snicker)  I knew that would be too easy.  The switch is over there.

Walking - click

AILWYN  9:48

Thank you.  (pause)  I shall take my leave now.

JACK  10:02

I guess you’ll be wanting a mirror then.  There’s one around the

corner.  You can wipe off the warding.

AILWYN  10:08

Thank you.  I’m actually surprised.  I thought you would put up

more of a fight.

JACK  10:15

I’m not all tricks.

AILWYN  10:17

Okay, then.


AILWYN  10:27

Open.  (commanding voice)

Teleportation sound

AILWYN  10:47

What?  How did I get back here?

JACK  10:49

(hearty laugh)

AILWYN  10:54

What’s going on?!

JACK  10:56

Okay maybe I am full of tricks.  It’s another fail safe I put in place, 

just in case anyone ever made it this far.  If anyone ever tries to

leave with any items in this room they will be trapped in this room.  

Every door, every window and escape hatch leads back to this 

room on an endless loop as long as you are holding a taken item

from this room. (laughs)

AILWYN  11:18

So you had no intention of letting me take these?

JACK  11:22

I’ll admit I did think about leaving you in here since I know you

wouldn’t leave without what you came for but no.  You can take

them.  I just needed a laugh.

AILWYN  11:31


JACK  11:32

Well you know, it get’s a bit boring here.

AILWYN  11:36

No.  Why are you letting me take these?  You clearly have the

upper hand and could stop me.

JACK  11:43

I know why you want them.  (pause) Look I have no problems with

Lilith.  In fact I even agree with her on some points.  But I’m not 

fond of the idea of her taking over and possibly enslaving us all. 

So if you all want to fight against her and her children then go for

it.  This is self preservation.

AILWYN  12:02

You talk as if Lilith has already been released.  We will stop

Serena from releasing her.

JACK  12:08

(laughs)  If you were really sure of that you wouldn’t need those.

(pause) Goodbye Ailwyn…and good luck.  You’re gonna need it.

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